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Belize's Most unique morning show by leaps! straying away from the current norm of political chatter and agenda disguised as issues while refraining from the other extreme of being just a music show.
We believe that as the name implies we truly offer our listeners a well balance mixture of: music, entertainment, information, energy and all around fun.

Designed to help jump start your mornings and send you on your way to face your day on a positive note.
Time Segments
6:00 Sign on
6:15 Songs - Old Skool Country
6:30 Horoscope
6:35 Songs - Country
6:45 Songs - Old Skool Rock & Roll
7:00 Early Morning News in a Capsul (local news and weather)
7:15 Twisted News from Around the Globe
7:30 Entertainment News
7:45 Twisted News from Around the Globe
7:55 Sign off
Twisted News From Around The Globe
Twisted News From Around The Globe
Students Getting Paid For Good Grades?
Lickable Wallpaper
New Shrimp-Like Species Found
Male, lesbian students fight for girl